Transit Installation

Georgy Girl - Tram installation

5,000 transit installations per month

Jamco added Transit sign installations to its operations in Melbourne in 2009, and in Adelaide in 2012.

Across these networks, every month Jamco averages approximately five thousand installations and targeted pull-downs of creative ranging from 80mm “Interiors,” to six-metre bus “Megasides,” to tram and bus “full-wraps” (and numerous creative sizes in between). Jamco’s flexibility sees it regularly meet numerous special installation requirements while achieving on-time completion rates well above agreed client thresholds.

To consistently perform at high levels of efficiency and accuracy, Jamco’s operations management procedures – including administration, warehouse operations and contractor management – are tight and competently cover all Transit requirements in terms of safety and risk management, tram and bus depot compliance, and of course, physical installation.

The Iconic - Tram installation

See Jamco in action

With the world’s biggest tram network of some five-hundred trams, plus an array of bus operators and a fleet of some two-hundred hard-to-catch ‘Smartbuses,’ Melbourne is a dynamic environment in which to run a Transit Installations operation.

Jamco is up to the challenge – over the years its stable, experienced team of highly skilled sign-fitters has completed thousands of small format postings and hundreds of successful installations of spectacular ‘full-wrap’ creative on Melbourne’s trams.

Bonds - Tram wrap installation
Bus full back - Marcs


Jamco’s sign-fitting expertise and attention to detail is showcased on hundreds of Full-Backs on buses in Melbourne’s and Adelaide’s diverse bus networks

Noosa Tram Wrap

Tram Wraps

Jamco’s skilled vinyl Installers are second to none in Australia, and nowhere is this more spectacularly highlighted than in Jamco’s frequent “full-wrapping” of Melbourne trams