The highest possible standards

A well-tuned Sign Installation operation needs far more than for Installers to simply turn up on site with the correct advertising creative.

The varied prep work required to run a safe, compliant and agile Sign Installations operation can be categorised broadly as just that: Operations.

All preparatory and maintenance tasks completed by Jamco Operations are essential to safety and/or productivity.

Such tasks include fitting and maintenance of safety systems and enclosed ladder stops; removal and prevention of accumulated bird droppings; graffiti maintenance; and general maintenance of sailtrack, screws and ratchets, and access-points.

Dedicated facilities

An essential and significant part of Jamco’s Operations is its dedicated warehouse. Here resides a key part of Jamco’s logistical quality-control.

Responsible for receipting and issuing creative so that client work-order allocations and timelines can be met, the Jamco warehouse also coordinates equipment safety inspections; controls delivery escalations and track-and-trace; ensures correct material barcoding and stock control; maintains various essential kit; and functions as a workspace for the execution of many preparatory sign-fitting tasks.

At Jamco, a culture of continuous improvement dictates that administrative and operations tasks are managed interconnectedly.

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