Secondary Safety Systems

Clear evidence that safety is king at Jamco has been our proactive re-engineering of Static sites to incorporate secondary safety systems

Secondary safety closeup

Safety is king

Clear evidence that safety is king at Jamco  has been Jamco’s proactive re-engineering of Static sites to incorporate secondary safety systems.

Recently, for example, Jamco  proposed to its major client a significant upgrade of OH&S safety systems on seven Spectacular sites adjacent to hazardous work zones (aSpectacular is a 18.99 x 4.5 metre banner).

Prior to this upgrade, Spectacular sites were fitted with 4.5 metre-long, metal side-poles, which would be removed upon installation to enable the banner to be pulled taut around the back of the panel. Crucially, at this point in the installation sequence, such removable side-poles would thereby become dangerously loose, heavy, electrically conductive items.

In the face of this, Jamco proposed a simple yet ingenious and effective re-engineering of such sites by permanently fixing the metal side-poles on swivelling bases, thereby enhancing safety yet still enabling taut installation of this largest banner size.

Secondary Safety Systems

Eliminating the risks of electrocution

With several of these sites perilously close to overhead electrical cables, Jamco’s design – now implemented on these sites – has virtually eliminated the risk of Installer electrocution.

And since some Spectacular sites are atop multi-storey buildings, these upgrades have also drastically reduced the risk of injury or death to pedestrians and road users as a result of loose items falling from height.

The simple beauty of this system is that it has eliminated errant decision-making, giving Installers no option to remove items rendered dangerous by the very act of their removal at height, near electrical assets.

Safety diagram