Static Installation

parents and p-platers static billboard

Decades of experience

Jamco has decades of experience installing large format advertising creative on static sites all over Melbourne.

Steve James’ great knowledge of static installation procedures and Melbourne sites is shared by Jamco Victoria Static Operations Manager, Ray Flegg. With a combined fifty-plus years’ experience in static installations, and with flexible, can-do attitudes, these leading industry professionals work with some of Australia’s best Installers to manage the many scenarios that arise in Static Outdoor.

Rising to the challenge

When challenges need overcoming in terms of site technicalities, access, traffic management, creative rotations, or client-requested modifications, Jamco has the background and nous to get the job done quickly and safely.

Whether the installation is a 6 x 3 on a Metro railway platform, a high-rise backlit, a 160 kg landmark run on sail-track by abseiling signfitters, or if it’s to a boxed site on a freeway overpass, Jamco will ensure safe access and competent completion of all work.

Jamco took on Adelaide “Static” in 2012 and can rely on the significant all-round Outdoor experience and know-how of Bart van Dijck to run the Adelaide operation.

Mini billboard combination
Enclosed Ladder Stops

Enclosed Ladder-Stops

Not only is installation speed increased, but falling backwards off a ladder is now virtually impossible with three points of contact maintained at all times

Secondary Safety Systems

Secondary Safety Systems

Clear evidence that safety is king at Jamco has been our proactive re-engineering of Static sites to incorporate secondary safety systems